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Two fun rides with a purpose have come up for this weekend.  Pick one and let’s go!


The Amazing Micro Center Ride!  Meet at the Star Market on Austin St. in Newtonville at 10am  SUNDAY.  We will ride along the Charles River to Cambridge and stop in at the Micro Center Store on Memorial Drive, and hit the nearby Trader Joe’s and Star Bucks.   Shopping without a car: Whether you are getting micro chips or chocolate chips you can do it on your bike, get a beautiful ride in and have a great time!  This is a family-friendly, “no-rider-left-behind” ride and all ages are invited, but all young children must be accompanied by an adult.  Bike helmets are required.   17.6 miles roundtrip.  Be sure to check bikenewton.org for last-minute changes.

Approximate Route for the Newton Ride:  https://ridewithgps.com/routes/44556717

Ride #2 from Malden: (Still Scheduled for Saturday)

The Pedal Power Ride!   This ride on Saturday is organized by Bike to the Sea on the North Shore and goes to the Museum of Science, to celebrate MOS’s Pedal Power: Celebrating Community Through Biking” event.  Ride length is 12.5 miles and starts at 10:00 am.

Full details and registration info for the Malden-MOS ride is found right here: https://biketothesea.org/event/pedal-power-ride/

Approximate Route for the Malden ride:  https://ridewithgps.com/routes/44151237

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