Bikeability Checklist

How safe was your last bike ride? Check out the Bikeability Checklist from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Safe Biking

Bike Newton wants all riders to ride safely:

Sean Roche of the BPTF and Srdj Nedeljkovic of Bike Newton show how it's done

Sean Roche of the BPTF & Srdj Nedeljkovic

  • While sharing space with cars and pedestrians, be consistent and predictable
  • Make yourself and your bike visible with lights, reflectors, and bright colors
  • Protect your head from injury in case of accident with a helmet
  • Keep your bike in good repair

Safe Roads

We also need to make our roads safer for less experienced bicyclists. That won’t happen by itself. We need an educated, engaged public who will contact city officials to help inform them of presently hazardous conditions, and how to change them by using the best practices for designing roads for all users.